Azure Devtools For Teaching Agreement

To start today, go In this agreement, it is either an educational institution or a science, technology, engineering, a mathematics department, or a laboratory located in an educational institution and owned by an educational institution. “educational institution,” an institution that is organized and operated exclusively for the purpose of placing its registered students and is accredited by the recognized educational accreditation agency in the geographic area in which it is located. an individual (not a corporation) who is actively enrolled in an educational institution in part or full-time and takes courses leading to academic credit, certification or diploma. “Authorized users” of the subscription include: a) students, (b) employees who provide IT or administrative assistance directly related to the management of your subscription (“collaborators”) and (c) teachers who are responsible for teaching courses to your students, supporting courses, labs or programs for your students, or conducting non-commercial research on your behalf (“faculty”). Azure for Students offers access to all Azure products specifically designed to support education or teaching, non-commercial research or the design, development, testing and demonstration of software applications for these purposes. Students who register for the first time at Azure Dev Tools for Teaching must accept Microsoft Azure Dev tools for teaching. By agreeing to the terms of the contract, you declare that you are a student in a MINT program. “Authorized users” include:a) students participating in MINT programs, (b) staff providing computer or administrative support directly related to the associated MINT program, and (c) teachers who participate in courses for students, students` courses, laboratories or programs, or non-commercial research. For more information, visit Microsoft Azure Dev-Tools for Teaching Agreement. Azure Dev Tools for Teaching is a Microsoft program that supports technical training by providing access to Microsoft software for learning, teaching and research purposes. The subscription includes the most up-to-date microsoft development tools, platforms and servers.

This Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Subscription Agreement (“Agreement”) is an agreement between you and Microsoft Corporation or depending on where your institution is created, one of its affiliates (“Microsoft,” “we,” “us” or “our”). Please read this agreement carefully. It regulates your access to a Microsoft Azure Dev subscription (“subscription”) and the use of a Microsoft Azure Dev subscription (“subscription”), including all contests, development tools, online learning, software, media, content, services, services, updates, updates, supplements, Internet services, promotions and support services that you can obtain through subscription (“Subscription Benefits”), unless these subscription benefits are subject to other conditions in this case.