Bts Wedding Agreement

At what age they want to get married and whoever they want to get married, it is their choice and I will always respect their choice and always support them The atmosphere in the car is immediately calm. The woman next to me, Kim Gyura, completely stopped the poisons that I barely got out of my head. Focus on driving the car home. “What`s going on? Can you, yoongi? Kim Ajussi asked. Walk into a luxurious house that was for me a place to live for a few days. A brief greeting to Gyura`s parents, sitting quietly in the living room as they watched the news program on television, then went to the room. . Yoongi and I were surprised. “To what?” And he turned to me, and I turned my back. “A-I… Do I have to kiss Gyura`s forehead? “He asked. “ Be polite in front of my Appa, I understand? he whispers in a commanding tone. “You know what, Gyura? It looks much more beautiful when you smile,” she whispers in silence.

Just as I was about to go to bed, suddenly someone knocked on the sound of my bedroom door. Immediately, the atmosphere of the room panicked. Let me tell Yoongi to go to my bed. A woman entered the room, walked up to her and said, “President, Mr. Choi is waiting in the meeting room,” he said. I sighed. I took a seat next door, I moved the guitar that I had glued on my right shoulder, I put it on the fence of the porch. There is only The voice of Gyura. I just want Mark… Be my husband, but. I don`t know what to say. “Hey! Min Yoongi, you can`t sleep there, oh! I grabbed and opened up to the one who closed his eyes as he folded his hands behind his head.

“Ah, um… I-yes. Appa ,” I repeated, and then I laughed. Here, too, I have to answer that question, in accordance with Gyura`s answer to me. When I got out of the car, a middle-aged woman came out of the house. Gyura immediately approached the woman and kissed her left cheek and right cheek. Eomma came out of my house. I immediately tightened Yoongi`s tie as she choked. Nurul eonni Hehe FF is good, there is rarely a typonya foul even typonya (rich) The plot is runtut, plus I like the role of Yoongi here quietly continue to omut his sweet face (ok I started fangirlingan) No matter what awesome ff (cie pretentious English) Wait for the next chapter:] Jungkook can marry anyone he wants.