Cedarville Financial Agreement

This form is for students who wish to receive financial assistance for a summer semester. Sommer 2020 Form This form is completed by Cedarville University`s Selected for FAFSA Verification Review (these students are informed of their selection by the Cedarville Financial Assistance Office). From time to time, a credit may appear on a student account. A credit is when payments exceed fees. When a balance occurs, the university pays off the balance, including credits generated from ParentPlus loans, usually within 14 days of receipt (after the first day of the period) to the bank account of the student`s choice. Students are encouraged to keep their banking information up to date by visiting selfservice.cedarville.edu. These terms and conditions are the current student account agreement between the student and Cedarville University and replace any oral or written prior agreement. The university`s inability to enforce the terms of this agreement should not be construed as waiving such conditions or other conditions or conditions contained in them. If, for any reason, a provision of this provision is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions will remain in force in their entirety, without any impact or cancellation. The cashiers` office is available at any time for any questions relating to this agreement or activities on a student account. Students can pay their university bill in cash, cheques, wires or with a large credit/debit card. Users of credit/debit cards are charged a convenience tax.

Payment can be made at the cash register, by U.S. mail or online through the student funding system under selfservice.cedarville.edu. Students may voluntarily transfer books and supplies or other education-related goods or services to their student account through the bookstore or another campus office. Students expressly authorize the university to trip all fees into their student account and pay these fees with financial support, including financial support for Federal Title IV. International students who are unable to complete the FAFSA must complete this form, which is used to determine the student`s ability to pay for college. This financial assessment is intended to determine the eligibility of grants. Cedarville University reserves the right to amend these financial conditions with a 30-day period. Any changes will be sent to your recording via email.

The student accepts that the laws of the State of Ohio, regardless of the principles of the law conflict law, the present terms of use of the agreement and any claims or disputes that have emerged or may arise between the student and the university, govern. The exclusive jurisdiction and jurisdiction over all claims or actions arising from or related to this agreement will be before the public courts of Greene County, Ohio, or the federal courts of the State of Ohio. Students can enter into a contract with a government organization or agency, also known as a sponsor, to pay all or part of their tuition without reimbursement. Examples are the ROTC program or the Ohio College Credit Plus program. Students are required to submit the university itself or its sponsor to a contract for these sponsored payments. As soon as Cedarville obtains and accepts the contract, the university will charge the sponsor on behalf of the student. If a sponsor does not pay on time, the education costs will fall back into the student`s financial account and the student is responsible for paying the total balance. The student understands and accepts that, when they are younger than the age of majority applicable to the implementation of this agreement, the educational services provided by Cedarville University are a necessity and that they are contractually bound in accordance with the “doctrine of necessities” and therefore cannot cancel that agreement.