Etdp Seta Bursary Agreement

What covers the scholarship The scholarship covers all the essential expenses of the recipient. Covered expenses include education, full accommodation, including meals, books and teaching materials, as well as a small allowance for the monthly cost of living. Universities have different cost structures, so the total value of a scholarship is different. The scholarship may be extended by one academic year. On proof of academic success, the scholarship can be renewed each year until the fellow qualifies as a teacher. Scholarship Repayment Terms The scholarship should only be reimbursed if the recipient does not qualify, does not apply for an apprenticeship with a PED in a public school, does not accept an apprenticeship with a PED in a public school, leaves an apprenticeship with an EDP before the expiry of the contract service, or does not meet any other requirements of the scholarship agreement. The SetA scholarship for services covers either all or part of the following study expenses: tuition fees, mandatory textooks, accommodation and meals (unemployed students only) as well as travel and research assistance (only master`s and doctoral students). SETA services will provide scholarships to both active and unemployed learners, particularly those studying education programs in the service sector. For more information on the ETDP-SETA and scholarship opportunities, please contact: ` The candidate`s academic skills.

Eligibility for a certified diploma or PGCE in one of the priority areas. The commitment to a teaching activity that includes: interest in working with young people; Enthusiasm for a career in learning The willingness to meet and meet difficult challenges; Personal integrity. The obligation to teach in any school to which a student may be appointed by a provincial ministry of education. Everything else, which is the same, should favour candidates from rural areas, candidates wishing to teach in rural areas and candidates whose financial situation would otherwise exclude them from enrolling in a teacher qualification. The scholarship is only awarded if one of the priority subjects is included in your qualification as a teaching subject. 24 Johnson Road, Riverwoods Office Park, Bedfordview, Johannesburg South Africa 011 628 5000 ETDP-SETA scholarship selection criteria include: NPDE and PGCE – B.Ed Mathematics and Science – B.Ed Foundation Phase – Certificate in Education – B Com – BSc Applied – Mathematics Masters in Commerce – ACE in Leadership and Management Computers – Human Resources – Human Resources – Public Finance. The main objectives and objectives of the scholarships are to enable current and unemployed workers in education and training (ETD) to acquire qualifications within the framework of these rare and critical qualifications. Nxesi was quoted as saying that the government gives young people the opportunity to continue their training and provide for the financial needs of those who cannot afford to receive continuing education.

The government`s goal is to create an environment in which young people are able to work and provide individuals with the skills and training they need to open and run their own businesses. The Etdp Seta (Education and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority) is one of 23 SETAs created as a result of the Skills Development Act.