Lease Agreement With Right To Sublease

Ensure that the original tenant and subtenant go through a proper handover procedure, in which they document the damage and take careful notes on the condition of the property when the tenant comes out on top to avoid disputes over deposits at the end of the tenancy. All sub-tenants are required to apply to the lessor for evaluation and verification. The landlord reserves the right to refuse the subtenant who is not qualified. Your tenant remains responsible for the subtenant. However, depending on the situation, it may be more convenient to have direct communication with the subtenant. Fortunately, an experienced tenant representative guides you through the lease negotiation process so that your needs are met every step of the way. So the next time you`re faced with a lease negotiation, let Le Tenant CS balance the ground. Contact us today! At least the Sublandlord and the subtenant should sign the residual subsetase agreement. .

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