Nova Scotia Power Ibew Collective Agreement

The terms of use of this position are governed by the collective agreement between Hydro Ottawa Limited and IBEW Local 636. Canadian workers, unions and employers recognize and support freedom of association and free collective bargaining. Good performance and performance of the IBEW collective agreement. A local IBEW current 230 or ready to become a member. Availability is required in accordance with the provisions of the IBEW collective agreement. We are looking for new talents that accompany us in the reinvention of the future of energy. We have the skills and know-how that Canada relies on. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) is an organization that consists of nearly a million men and women, just like you – who work in any type of job. Your needs and objectives are the same as yours; however, they have a personal strength and human dignity that arises from belonging to a world-renowned labour organization that helps its members lead a better, freer and broader life. Work as a crew member in the construction, operation and maintenance of natural gas transportation and distribution systems. We maintain the highest standards of professionalism, safety and training.

The IBEW has been there for Canadians since 1899. And we always will be, now and for the next 115 years. IBEW membership is a choice that helps you meet your needs in the workplace. Our union has the resources and staff trained to represent workers in negotiation, safety, complaints, arbitrations, workers` allowances, labour laws and all other areas of industrial relations. . The IBEW is brief. If disaster strikes, when there are power outages, when daily life is interrupted, we are here to get you back on track, safely and with the kind of skills and training that Canada relies on. Subscribe to Jooble Job Alert and receive notifications as soon as new job offers appear. We are a union of more than 70,000 highly skilled and professionally trained electricity workers. We will spend much of our adult lives working, and beyond our health and family, our work should probably be the most important concern we have. We are entitled to a certain degree of job satisfaction in our career and decent working conditions.