Plumbing Eba Agreement

Please note that these are quick reference documents. If there is a discrepancy between PDF documents and the EBA, the EBA is the most important. Employers should ensure that the EBA sets the correct rates of pay and the right pay. If members or employers have any questions, please contact us. The initial fee was limited to $5,654, which was increased to $8,000. You are paid at your regular gross weekly wage, including all on-site allowances, but without travel, fares, overtime and vacation expenses. Under Australian tax law, actual redundancies are subject to a 0% tax rate, other grounds, such as resignation, lack of work or casual workers, apply with a tax rate of 32%. In order for these rates to apply, the member must provide a tax file number at the time of the claim. Apprentices can assert their rights if they have been laid off for lack of work and have worked on a construction site.

Travel allowances are paid to workers, as described in the table below, for each day they show up for work. 2020-2023 Wage rates and location allowances for plumbers and HLK members. Sprinkler fitters for the period 2020-2021 are listed in the following PDF documents. Does it cost me? No, your employer pays for you. To learn more, contact CoINVEST previously in a departure account that you have been taxed at 32% on all claims. You now have the option of an exemption if you are made redundant.