New phoenix lawyer games for mobile
    After a year of release of Ace Attorney 6: Spirit of Justice Global version on Nintendo 3DS, now Capcom will be releasing games for Android and Mobile.

    Apparently Capcom plans to release all Ace Attorney games for Android and iOS. Having previously released Ace Attorney 4, recently they also released Ace Attorney 6: Spirit of Justice for Android and iOS. The release itself is exactly one year from its inaugural release on Nintendo 3DS. For those of you who have not played this sixth series, then you are obliged to buy it!

    Ace Attorney 6: Spirit of Justice takes the setting of places not in Japan anymore. This time Phoenix Wright is in a new country dubbed Kurain Kingdom. In the country there is also a trial system to punish someone. There is a court system dubbed "Courtroom of Resignation" where defense lawyers are only given the choice to surrender, this is because in Kurain country there is a code of law, all court decisions do not require lawyers.

    The trial without a lawyer uses a "Water Mirror" system where the suspect will be reflected into the giant water mirror. Like the screenshot above, later players must pay attention to the display of characters and phrases that reflected in the mirror water to reveal the truth that happened. If there is a single word of lies, it will be your ammunition to reveal the truth.

    This game itself is a direct sequel to Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. Exactly one year from the final event in the prequel game. You will return to adventure along the life of Phoenix Wright's lawyer and his two disciples: Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes. All three will meet clients you need to protect in court, because they are innocent!

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    Ace Attorney 6: Spirit of Justice is sold on iTunes for  only, but presents only one episode. To unlock all four episodes you have to buy it by paying  . And to open a bonus episode titled "Turnabout Time Traveler" you must add RP  again. This additional episode will bring together Wright, Maya Fey, Larry Butz, and Miles Edgewroth back.

    As for you who buy on Google Play, you can spend around    just to get all the existing content. This is much cheaper than buying a version of Nintendo 3DS which is priced at  . Well, is it ready to protect clients?

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