New York Divorce Records Public Search
  • Are you having a hard time looking for New York Divorce Records? If you were, then don?t lose hope yet because searching is now made easy already. No matter what the reason is, anyone can now make use of this information. Indeed, this document, as well as other vital records, is public records; therefore, they?re absolutely open to all.

    The state of New York has two types of divorce accounts; namely, divorce decree and divorce certificate. It is the court that provides the divorce decree which indicates the terms and conditions of the dissolution of marriage. As a standard, it is signed by the judge and filed with the County Clerk of the County where the image decree was obtained. If you?re searching for divorce documents that were recorded prior to January 1, 1963, then this is the only file that you?d get.


    The New York State Department of Health stores the second type of document, the divorce certificate. It contains those divorce cases that occurred on or after the above-mentioned date. The standard information that it reveals include the couple?s personal details, and the date and place of the separation.

    This information is restricted to the couple, and other persons who are authorized by the court only. An administration charge is often necessary prior to the release of the result. The normal waiting time period for this process take around a few days to even weeks. Requesting for it can be done either via telephone, mail, or online. To make sure that your request will be processed, it is important that you include a photo I.D. in your application.

    Nowadays, the Internet has paved a way to a much easier means of acquiring this information. Various search sites now abound online for this matter. Just be careful, though, because some of these sites are not worth your trust at all. It is significant that you choose the right service provider for you. It should be one that gives you nothing but excellent customer service and the most desirable type of report.

    If you wanted to get the best Divorce Records there is, then you must be prepared to pay for quality. One of the advantages of those paid services online is their access to those huge databases that contain all the information that you need. Hence, it?s capable of supporting searches for multiple states. Other benefits include total convenience, faster result, and dependability. Thus, it is truly worth the money you?ve spent.

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