Finding California Divorce Records
  • If you are looking for the records of a Divorce in California, you can head to the Vital Records Office, Department of Health Services. Initially, when the Health Department started disseminating divorce files, they did not require any payment. But throughout the years, the cost of processing requests have increased and forced the department to impose California Divorce Records Free Search corresponding fees to whoever requests for them.

    The Vital Records Office keeps files of divorces that were granted from 1962 up to 1984. Certified divorce files are stored only at the specific Clerk of Superior Court that approved the divorce. The Vital Records office is only authorized to disseminate divorce certificates which the court does not accepts as a legal file that can be used in a court trial.


    Certified divorce files are granted only to the husband, the wife, and their respective attorneys. Other people are only granted a divorce certificate. To file for a request, there is an application form found at the Vital Records office. Vital particulars of that form should be filled-out accordingly. The form should be sent to the office together with a sworn statement. The request may also be mailed but the sworn statement should be notarized and signed by you. There is a $13 fee for every transaction and an additional fee of $7 if you wish to fax it.

    Government agencies employ only a handful of people. That is why transactions take longer to process, reaching 15 to 20 weeks. If you do not need the records immediately, there should not be any trouble. But if you need them right away, you can get them from search tools. Government agencies have their own website where they keep public files in their database. Public Divorce Decrees Online search tools also have their own database and they have the permission of the court to provide the files to the public. Getting the files through online search tools saves you an ample amount of time.

    There are two kinds of search tools that you can choose from. Some provide the files free of charge while others render corresponding fees. You will get the basic pieces of information from both kinds of search tools such image as the full names of the husband and the wife, their birth date, place and date when the divorce was approved, and more. If you register as a member of online search tools that have corresponding fee, you will get the luxury of doing unlimited searches and get more than the basic pieces of information. You become a member by paying a membership fee that is paid just once and with no additional payment. You may also pay separately for every file that you search.

    Marriage and Divorce Records are usually kept in one repository because they complement each other. Marriage records are necessary when filing for a divorce while divorce files are required of people who wish to acquire a marriage license. Both files can be obtained from an online search tool but corresponding requirements should be submitted, which varies from state to state.

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