Free La County Divorce Records Online
  • When you are searching for some Los Angeles County divorce records, you must be aware that the appropriate agency you must visit is the Los Angeles Superior Court. If you are not certain of the exact location of the said bureau, you can communicate with the County Courthouse for the precise details. Or, you can simply browse the worldwide web and proceed to the California Superior Courts? online facility. You will then be directed to the Superior Court of the specific county where the dissolution of marriage was approved. You will then be acquainted with the proper procedures you need to follow and the relevant fees you need to pay in order to obtain the record you desire. In your request, you will be asked to supply the complete name of the couple mentioned in the divorce decree, their specific date of births, the precise date and location where the divorce was settled. In case you are not sure regarding the exact date of the approval of the divorce, then you can just at least provide the specific year.


    It is but worthy to note that in the state of California, a replica of a divorce decree can only be released to the persons whose names appear in the divorce paper, their legitimate representatives and certain individuals as identified by state laws.

    The Vital La County Divorce Records records Division of the Department of Health Services can provide the general public with documents of divorce events that occurred between 1962 and 1984. You can prefer to submit your request via mail or through fax. You will be charged a nominal fee of $13.00 defray search expenses. For faxed orders, you will be paying an additional $7.00 for your demand. If you want to have the files mailed directly to you, be certain that you have stated your contact information and complete mailing address.

    If you want to apply for a certified copy of a divorce record in the state of California, there is a need for you to include a sworn statement in your properly signed application form. However, if you choose to send your demand via postal services, then you must have your sworn statement notarized otherwise your application might not be accepted. You must not expect to get hold of the report you want instantly since the processing period may take for about 15 to 20 weeks. This image long wait can be attributed to the lack of manpower resources in the agency which handles your request.

    One can always check the various online service providers in the worldwide web if ever one is in need of certain Los Angeles County vital records. You must always remember that whatever type of record you need, the appropriate forms are available online. And it will help you a lot if you can read thoroughly the procedures in the procurement of essential records and the approximate fees you will be paying for your requests. By doing this, you can save not just your time and effort, but you can also be assured that your demand is directed to the appropriate office.

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