A printer is any device that prints text
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    A printer is any device that prints text or illustrations on paper.
    There area unit many alternative sorts of printers. In terms of the
    technology utilised, printers fall under the subsequent categories:

    daisy-wheel: the same as a ball-head character-at-a-time printer, this
    kind of printer features a plastic or metal wheel on that the form of
    every character stands get into relief. A hammer presses the wheel
    against a ribbon, that successively makes associate degree ink stain
    within the form of the character on the paper.Daisy-wheel printers turn
    out letter-quality print however cannot print graphics.

    dot-matrix: Creates characters by placing pins against associate degree
    ink ribbon. every pin makes a dot, and combos of dots type characters
    and illustrations.

    ink-jet: Sprays ink at a sheet of paper. dot matrix printer printers turn out high-quality text and graphics.

    laser: Uses identical technology as copy machines. optical device printers turn out terribly top quality text and graphics.

    LCD & crystal rectifier :Similar to a electrostatic printer,
    however uses liquid crystals or light-emitting diodes instead of a
    optical device to supply a picture on the drum.

    line printer: Contains a series of characters or pins that print a
    complete line at just the once. Line printers area unit in no time,
    however turn out low-quality print.

    thermal printer: a reasonable printer that works by pushing heated pins
    against heat-sensitive paper. Thermal printers area unit wide utilized
    in calculators and fax machines.

    Printer Characteristics

    Printers are classified by the subsequent characteristics:

    quality of type: The output made by printers is alleged to be either
    letter quality (as sensible as a typewriter), close to letter quality,
    or draft quality. solely daisy-wheel, ink-jet, and optical device
    printers turn out letter-quality sort. Some dot-matrix printers claim
    letter-quality print, however if you look closely, you'll see the

    speed: Measured in characters per second (cps) or pages per minute
    (ppm), the speed of printers varies wide. Daisy-wheel printers tend to
    be the slowest, printing regarding thirty cycle per second. Line
    printers area unit quickest (up to three,000 lines per minute).
    Dot-matrix printers will print up to five hundred cycle per second, and
    optical device printers vary from regarding four to twenty text pages
    per minute.

    impact or non-impact: Impact printers embrace all printers that job by
    placing associate degree ink ribbon. Daisy-wheel, dot-matrix, and line
    printers area unit impact printers. Non-impact printers embrace optical
    device printers and dot matrix printer printers. The vital distinction
    between impact and non-impact printers is that impact printers area unit
    abundant noisier.

    graphics:Some printers (daisy-wheel and line printers) will print solely
    text. alternative printers will print each text and graphics.

    fonts : Some printers, notably dot-matrix printers, area unit restricted
    to 1 or a number of fonts. In distinction, optical device associate
    degreed dot matrix printer printers area unit capable of printing an
    virtually unlimited style of fonts. Daisy-wheel printers can even print
    completely different fonts, however you would like to alter the wheel,
    creating it troublesome to combine fonts within the same document.

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