Archive Gallery Arise!

For those of you who have been around the shop for a better part of the last four years, you’ve discovered by now that I can be a choatic mess. As RL always comes first (or should) often times certings and growings have gone a bit slower, or not happened. I do apologize for this. For a good while I had aspired to make Serenity as populated and popular as several of the big B/G shops on gaiaonline. But when it comes down to it, the hustle and bustle of so many new faces, comings and goings, and high demand on a high output of colorings continually left my exhausted.

As of last night, in the effort to clean up the mess from so many breakdowns, I’ve started a few things which may help get everything organized. For you, this means the ability to find old pets and more easily place them up for growings, certings, homeings, or whatever you need.

Main points not directly relating to the new archive gallery include:

-All unhomed babies from breedings prior to summer 2010 may be kept by any remaining parent owner.  If you would not like to keep it, please give it away to someone who will be happy to at least post it’s sert info and give it a name OR give it back to the shop to find a home for you. I am not going to dig back and find parent owners who aren’t around the site and give their babies away, but I will request that those who are around get to it! That way they can grow. :3

-As Serenity has re-found it’s self and to better hug it’s core RP concept, I am considering making ALL non-breeding growings by request only. This would mean that the baby would stay a baby for as long as you like, to allow for RP. When your ready for the next stage, just post the quick form and it’ll go in a short queue.


‘Bout time I got to that, huh? In an effort to help people find their uncerted images, make family trees (Yes, we’re going to have the web script for that too) I have uploaded almost every uncerted pet that has been living on laptop and external hard drive. There’s still a few (such as the WoW raptors) which are stuck completely in their original Photoshop format. These are available upon owner’s quest.

I have yet to re-skin it to a serenity theme, but everyone is welcome to come browse. Click here

The Soon-ish Future

We are currently looking to fully reopen sales, etc. once everything is ready. All the old familiars need their templates redone and their lines tweaked/updated to fit in with everything. RL commissions need to be finished as well, as several people have been waiting a very long time. Shop layout needs a semi-update to reflect links to all the new information/FAQ’s that have appeared over the course of the last few months. The time is close at hand, however!

We’re looking to do some grams if not at the end of December, then for valentines. And an easter egg hunt in April. Also, year around gram functions for all the various small critter species. Oh! And have a few new to add as well. :3

The Mag’Ud are also about to be finished, with downloadable PDF ability sheets. Am just deciding on weather or not to give them their own line set.

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