• 1. Do not beg others for pets of any sort!

    This includes:

    • Whispering someone offering to purchase or trade for their pet in anyway.
    • Demanding a pet or it’s offspring.
    • Guilting someone in any way that would result in you gaining a pet or a better chance of one.
  • 2. No stealing!

    All content unless otherwise stated belongs to Megan Walters.

    • You may not use anyone else’s pet without their permission (Family & Couple portraits do not count)
    • You may not “borrow,” or alter, the certificate in any way.
    • You may not use any images located anywhere on the shop presence at or domain on any other website without expressed permission.
    • All story elements are licensed as such that you may use them within the Serenity community as acts of role-play or short story. The overall story, setting, world, creatures, plants, etc. as well as all related names associated with them are fully owned by Megan Walters.
      • You may in no way use any part of Serenity, any of the roleplays, short stories, concepts, world, concept, artwork, or anything else related for any sort of monetary value (real money or not) without fully written and signed prior permission.
  • 3. Follow directions!

    To note:

    • TFK/Megan has the final say on all roles, decisions, gifts, and pretty much anything that really needs decided on. she always tries to be as fair as possible. Be nice to her.
    • All instructions/directions/etc will be posted ahead of time for any game or event. Please refer to them before asking questions. Don’t find an answer afterward, ask away!
    • Please use the contact form only to contact the shop staff with any questions or concerns.
  • 4. Punishments!

    Read up:

    • As a last resort, your pets may be taken from you with no compensation. This is a rare and extreme case-by-case thing.
    • All violators will receive at least one warning prior to any action taken.
    • In certain cases, restrictions from various elements of the shop, forums, etc. may occur. This may include, but is not limited to:
      • Being unable to participate in a sale, game, or event.
      • Being banished from the shop for a set period of time.
      • Having certain permissions and/or rights removed from the forums for a set period of time.

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