January Update!

It’s Megan again, here with a shop update. Woop woop!

Life has been busy lately with planning for an upcoming trip to Norway in Feb. so much to do before then! Waaaa!!! RL job has also upped the hours by a few which has been greatly needed.

I should like to mention that the RP setting for the world as a whole, currently, is snowy. Clans with fire-starters, or fire-bearers, are most likely using that to stay warm. Others are finding or making dens where they can, and a few have have moved from the higher mountains to the lower valley floor where it is less harsh. Larger groups have also most likely stored grains, winter squashes, dried meats, and other things to help through the long cold months. If your still working on a role-play from the summer or another time of year, don’t fret! That’s still perfectly fine. :3 This is just our way of keeping the world moving roughly as a whole in real time.

We will be bringing the click-ables into a new light, but I haven’t decided how. The big question is weather they should effect the Serenity world, or just be something fun for all. Until then, I’m not really planning to mess with it.

I am looking for someone to run a very small valentines day event for me. It pays 75% of the proceeds (since I have to cert and color it all, I’m taking 25%). You do not already have to be on Serenity staff, just already have been around a bit, and willing to do it right.

We have one growing today! I’ll post it next.

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