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Within the Kom’Giet gene pool, there is a great amount of natural flux. Despite being great survivors, mutations often occur.  Most often this happens merely with the length of one’s fur, or horns, or coloring. Occasionally, and just occasionally, it’s something else entirely.

Within the great clans there exists another which remains a part of them and yet it’s own entity. These are the Mag’Ud. They are the dreamers who set to shape the world around them through Fire, Stone, Water, Dance, and Life. They are capable of great things — good and bad.

Their highest leaders are not master of one element, but many.

If you’ve found yourself wanting to create one, remember to start small.  This is about the story, not the ego.

Until further notice, everyone may have no more than 2 to claim the Mag’Ud power in any way.


So, the complicated part. (How to Get One)

The complication is in how to get one.  How this is obtained determined the starting abilities/powers. Elements are based on overall lineage and clans. Those in clans, or who’s heritage has strong roots in one of the clans has a much stronger chance. Story helps a good bit too. There’s many factors. So let’s go over them first.

Probably the most important. It’s a chance to not only go back into the logs to see what you’ve already written and the characters you’ve already developed, but also a chance for you to develop something new. With story, you can start out a bit more powerful, as you’ll be expected to really work on the back-story to back it up.

During each festival  as well as once a month (on a selected day) everyone who owns a kom’giet will get to roll on ONE pet. You are granted +5% for each parent who holds the power on top of  a base 2% chance.  Extra %’s will be added in secret under considerations of roleplay and how well you’ve created your character. The character will have had to finish at-least one story to qualify for this. There is a heightened chance on the onset of puberty as well.  Those who gain the power via rolling will not get to choose their element, how it manifests, or how strongly they may use it. You may, however, suggest something. There is a place for this on the form.

On super grand occasion, a Mag’Ud with predetermined powers may be sold. They will most likely include heavy edits as well. Keep a look out for these very rare beasts!


The Elements

Fire is what makes things burn. It is the heat of the sun on your skin and the warmth of a lovers kiss. To the Kom’Giet, fire is the element of heat. As such, one may just as likely create a flame as cause a small pond to freeze solid. They may cause it to snow, or to steam. This element is common in both the Torbu and Ramus clans and most often manifests as an attraction to fire. Common to the Ramus & Torbu
Common Temperament: Rage, Quick Temper

Moisture. It’s all around us and in us. We can’t live without it. Those who wield it are capable of walking upon it, breathing it, changing it’s shape, calling forth clouds,  and more. The most common denizens of it are from the Lu’Befri of which some even have gills. Common to the Lu’Befri
Common Temperament:  Calm, Broody, Stormy

As it says. All things of the planet such as stones, dirt, sand, etc. are under this domain. Most often, it’s shown as the ability to shape rock into useful tools or hear from a great distance away. A few others have gotten far more creative. Most common to the Torbu
Common Temperament: Strong, Willful, Determined

The dance is commonly what one calls the domain of Illusion. They are known as the masters of lie and deception, but also of song and story.  They can make the flames of the hearth dance about like animals, alter your reflection, change their own appearance. Most common to the Ca’saan
Common Temperament: Whimsical, Playful, Storyteller

This is the most rare element, and the most dangerous. At it’s best, just being around a wielder of this domain will make you feel better about everything in general. Crops will grow bigger and more abundant. Wounds heal faster. Fertility is higher. They are dream-walkers and some say telepathic.  On the flip side of this coin, however, they can have the power to destroy life as well. To cause things to wither and die before they can even bloom.  To stop the growth of life before it in the womb before it is fully conceived. A few say they can even steal one’s youth for their own. For this, they are revered greatly, accompanied with hesitance and deep fear.
Common Temperament: Unknown

 Note: The above categories are mainly to describe how something is done. There can be, however, several ways to accomplish the same feet. For example, a Fire user may freeze water to walk upon its surface for a very short time, while one of Water may merely walk upon it. Combinations may provide even further abilities. Each Mag’Ud is different and unique, taking their own path.


Let’s Play Together

Mag’Ud who have found even a fraction of their full potential have the ability to link to others of their kind. Generally, this just involves standing near each other.  For example, if a prime wielder of fire was standing next to one of water, he/she might be able to cause the water not only to become very hot but also to rise or move within a small range of the others power. Those with deeper bonds/connections to each other may gain even greater control of this ability as long as they can sense each other’s presence. (For technical purposes, factor in only about 1/8th of the nearby power source.) Same sources (such as fire and fire do not stack unless both are somewhat concentrating on achieving the same goal.)

More Than One Domain

It would be really really really really hard to find an individual  who had the ability to wield even 2 domains fully. Generally, it’s one domain or no domain. On rare occasion, however, with lots of role-play and either a good bit of teaching or some dramatic event, one can learn to wield a bit of another without having anyone else around. Outside of a near death experience, the secondary domain would be far weaker and a good deal more difficult to control/maintain. This is the most any player character is allowed to wield at this time.


Time to Learn

Once your character has found the initial spark, they will either have to seek out a teacher (Who’s a full Mag’Ud) or participate in a HECK of alot of RP.  Roughly 4 times a year the Serenity staff will go through all roleplays involving Mag’Ud characters and decide if, or how many, rewards may be given. If you’re lucky enough to receive it, you will be allowed to either strengthen an already existing power or gain something slightly new. Be sure to have your character concept handy as we get to choose what you receive. If there’s a specific something you’d like, make sure to be noticeably practicing it in character.



To allow for a loose battle system, each ability will have a rank of 1 or above. Your elemental grade will also have a numeric value. Your level in an element denotes how many points you have spent in that element. Everyone starts (in theory) at level 1 with one ability. An extra notch in a single ability is 1. For an extra ability, you would need to spend the number of current abilities you own +1.

For this example, a level 1 water might have a level notch 1 ability which at this point lets them make water ripple. At water level 2, she might choose to be able to shape the water much better in some way or move it. On another option, she could wait until water level 3 and choose a 2nd ability entirely that may let her collect moisture from the air.

Now, for a bit about possible combat and strength comparison.

For example:

Rank 4 Fire
Rank 4 to creating a flame via touch

Rank 4 Fire
Rank 1 to creating a flame via touch
Rank 2 to aiming a flame bolt at a target

Obviously, both characters are a close match. They have four ranks of Fire. In battle, you would have to think between the both of you the strengths and weaknesses of each character. On one hand, Julious can really cause some damage depending on what he lights ablaze with touch. On another hand, Abernathy has a ranged flame attack.

Now let’s say these two rivals meet again in a year’s time. One of them has been seeking teachers and training diligently while the other has neglected his duties to some degree.

Rank 12 Fire
Rank 6 Fire touch attack
Rank 2 Create Fire by sight
Rank 1 Explode small rocks
Rank X Light self

Rank 6 Fire
Rank 2 to creating a flame via touch
Rank 3 to aiming a flame bolt at a target

Julious can now probably set the forest within a 10′ radius of him ablaze if he really meant it. And since there had been alot of RP involved, and the character reached Fire level 10, staff decided to give them a free ability (X) which can work with his other abilities, and won’t gain ranks. He also has the ability to make small objects like rocks explode around his enemy, causing them a surprise or a sharp sting. On the other hand, Abernathy hasn’t done much. The character role-played a little, and not much of it concerned his abilities.

So, who would win?

Ultimately, the winner of the battle would be up to you— the writers. Just because one pet is stronger ability-wise than he counterpart, does not mean that he would always remain the victor. Even the mightiest giants can fold to the softest touch. Perhaps they end up talking it out or someone intervenes. Perhaps one of Julious’s fire attacks goes wrong and half the forest is lit ablaze, causing them both to flee. Also, don’t forget other variables such as resourcefulness or environment.

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